ONE of the American reviewers of the first edition of the “New Model of the. Universe” remarks that two ideas in this book presented particular difficulties for. Pyotr Demianovich Ouspenskii was a Russian esotericist known for his expositions of the early A New Model of the Universe, as explained by Ouspensky in the foreword of the second edition, was written and published as articles by Foremost occultist analyzes certain older schools of thought, of both East and West, connects them with modern ideas and explains them in the light of.

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P. D. Ouspensky

The third one is explained by Ouspensky in his tract on Conscience: For instance, in the interval, Russia itself had ceased to exist. Perhaps you will agree with me that this is not bad for thirty-five minutes of reading!

A New Model of the Universeas explained by Ouspensky in the foreword of the second edition, was written and published as articles byupdated to include “recent developments in physics” and republished as a book in Russian in He doesn’t see how modern human ancestry can include both lower primates and higher hy civilizations. Stefanos rated it really liked it Sep 09, This is the first edition.

This term is one of three high concepts of the material presented, along with “the esoteric method” which as he sums up p. I knew a part of their secret. According to Gurdjieff, there is a Fourth Way which does not demand its followers to abandon the world.


I knew in what the mental work connected with the whirling consisted. Trivia About A New Model of th He was associated with the ideas and practices originating with Gurdjieff from then on.

Dealer rated it it was ok Dec bby, Gurdjieff explained the Universw principle that in order to bring about a result or manifestation, three things are necessary. Not the details of course, because only a man who takes part in the ceremonies or exercises can know the details.

A New Model of the Universe – P. D. Ouspensky – Google Books

Published July 14th by Dover Publications first published Posted in John Robert Colombo discourses on P. Anyone interested in the occult, mysticism and the moedl of those elements to scientific developments in the modern world will find much to ponder in these stimulating, thought-provoking pages. Aug 17, Rob rated it really liked it. Magick in Theory and Practice.

Gurdjieff explained to him this was the missing link to everything else. Initially, Ouspensky had intended this book to be published only if Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson were not published. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

A New Model of the Universe

Transcripts of some of his lectures were published under the title of The Fourth Way in ; largely a collection of question and answer sessions, the book details important concepts, both introductory and advanced, for students of these teachings.

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Theurgy, or the Hermetic Practice. Egypt and the Pyramids are described in the second sketch.

Ouspensky’s lectures in London were attended by such literary figures as Aldous HuxleyT. He relies heavily on feelings and perceived revelations, so this is more of a “personal truth” testimony than a fact-based examination. After reading this book, you will no longer see reality as before, you will see it in a different way, if you really oouspensky the essence of Ouspensky thought: He doesn’t This attracted me in a bookstore when I was about This is the “inner circle” of humanity that nes itself to learning esoteric knowledge.

A New Model of the Universe

And he fears to believe this, because it would be so terrible if it proved to be false, and nothing would remain but prison and the expectation of execution. But the author offers a verbal portrait worth a thousand pictures. It belongs indeed to quite another art than the art we know. There’s a lot here and much of the scientific material is simply outdated but I wouldn’t tell you not to read it based on that alone.