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The Pj a j figures take account of the fact that a practical power supply has a finite internal resistance.

Germanium NPN/PNP transistor,AD161/AD162. Part № AD161-2. Manufactured by Magnatec

The 30D and 40D are shown in outline in Fig. Type Nomenclature This section explains the system of type nomenclature used for Mullard Semi- conductor devices showing the significance of each type letter or number.

Where the reference terminal or circuit is understood, the second subscript may be omitted where its datasheeg is not required to preserve the meaning of the symbol. TO construction with shield connected to envelope. Infinite heatsink case and leads Temperature Tstg T max.

These types belong to the family of extrusions which has been used with Mullard power devices requiring special heatsink considerations, such as thyristor stacks and power rectifiers. These transistors are intended for general purposes as well as saturated switching and driver applications for in- dustrial service. The collector lead must, in addition, be soldered to a copper area of at least 10mm x 10mm.

On printed circuit Note 2 4.

The equivalent squarewave pulses are shown by the dashed line and are marked Pi, P 2and P3 in Fig. The transistor will enter second breakdown at a certain critical current value V CB0 Collector-emitter voltage Fig.

M heatsink -hole min. The group of figures indicates the typical operating voltage Vz for each type at the nominal operating current l z rating of the range. It is in the forward-biased mode of operation that the phenomenon of second breakdown has eatasheet extensively studied over recent years, and a method of presenting the Safe Operating ARea abbreviated to SOAR is now being published in Mullard data for power transistors.


When using a soldering iron, transistors may be datashee directly into the circuit, but heat conducted to the junction should.

These recommendations apply to a transistor mounted flush on a board having punched-through holes, or spaced at least 1. V min PiotTiax Case No. Book 1 blue Semiconductor devices and integrated circuits Book 2 orange Valves and tubes Book 3 green Passive components, materials, and assemblies. The sustained music value is the equivalent sinewave power output which will be obtained during sustained high level passages of music.

Ieiav max The maximum permissible average value of the total emitter current.

Mounted on typical printed circuit Note 1 3. These readings were recorded every 20[xs through the complete cycle of xs. Example hi Ehi B The four pole matrix parameters of the device are represented by lower case symbols with the appropriate subscripts h ib The four pole matrix parameters of external circuits and of circuits in datashet the device forms only a small part are represented by upper case symbols with the appropriate subscripts.

These recommendations apply to a transistor mounted flush on a board having punched -through holes, or spaced at least 1. Ad16impedance The letter O is used with three terminal dtasheet as a third subscript only to denote that the terminal not indicated in the subscript is open-circuited.

This is the name given to a transistor condition whereby the collector-emitter voltage abruptly switches from a high to a low voltage with increased current. Collector to emitter voltage ratings Vce max The maximum permissible instantaneous voltage between collector and emitter terminals. A — detection diode, high speed diode, mixer diode. For a few variations the thermal resistance may be derived as follows: IMn first breakdown, or avalanche, the device goes through a negative resistance region until a critical current value is reached at which point the collector-emitter voltage abruptly switches to a very low value in second breakdown.


Audio application The example describes how the output transistors of an audio amplifier are checked for excursions outside the specified SOAR when the amplifier is being tested under a sinewave overdrive condition.

The letter S is used datasjeet a ad126 subscript to denote that the terminal not indicated in the subscript is short circuited to the reference terminal.

AD Datasheet PDF –

The serial number consists of one letter Z, Y, X, W, etc. The maximum permissible average value of the total reverse base current allowable in the reverse breakdown region. Dissipation and heatsink considerations The maximum total dissi given by datasheef relationship: Definition of TjT mbT case.

I to minimise the variation of input admittance and output conductance with gain control. Rectifier Diodes and Thyristors The group of figures indicates the rated repetitive peak reverse voltage, Vrrm, or the rated repetitive peak off-state voltage, Vdrm, whichever value is lower, in volts ddatasheet each type.

Intended for dataheet purpose applications in 1. If the application condition just exceeds the selectedSOAR curve, then linear inter- polation between the family of curves used and the next lower duty cycle curves should indicate if the application is acceptable- For applications using non -square -wave pulses, reference should be made to the General Explanatory Notes on SOAR where conversion to equivalent square -wave pulses is explained.

The BC is primarily intended for low noise audio input daasheet. Viewed from underside Connections 1. The BC is suitable for low voltage applications e. The transistor has a very low feedback capacitance and is primarily intended for use in the output stage of television video i. Encapsulated in TO plastic envelope.