El sabotaje amoroso / Estupor y temblores has ratings and reviews. Hanki said: Đọc quyển này làm mình nhớ đến 2 quyển khác cũng sử dụng thế giớ. Author: Amélie Nothomb El sabotaje amoroso – España “In Loving Sabotage, however, Nothomb’s self-assurance and faux-naif approach work to best effect. DownloadAmelie nothomb el sabotaje amoroso pdf. RP 10 7 10 57 PM – Software Distribution Service 3. The WX is a great device as well, but it.

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The exotic setting, the unsettling period in history obviously help supply an underlying tension to the story, and Nothomb balances it perfectly with the irreality of the childish world in the diplomatic compound. Elise rated it it was ok Jun 27, This aspect of the novel is very sweet, but never treacly. Loving Sabotage is closer to notomb latter than the former, only this is set amelir entirely in China. This is the setting for Le Sabotage amoureux.

Camille rated it it was ok Aug 09, She has written a romanticized biography Robert des noms propres for the French female singer RoBERT in and during the period she wrote the lyrics for nine tracks of the same artist. Her experience of this time is told in Nothombb and Trembling. Nothomb keeps that reality largely at bay but, among many other things, Loving Sabotage is also trenchant analysis of late Maoist China.


El sabotaje amoroso – Amélie Nothomb – Google Books

Las herramientas de las que se vale Nothomb denotan su extraordinaria madurez pese a ser en ese entonces una escritora demasiado joven. Loving Sabotage – Canada. Children at “war” in China, a childhood obsession with another girl; it was interesting, but wasn’t as remarkable as notohmb other books.

It is, most of all, a book about childish passion and infatuation. How this book won any prizes is beyond me because I found it a total, albeit well-written, waste of time. Le Sabotage amoureux – France. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole.

El sabotaje amoroso / Estupor y temblores by Amélie Nothomb (2 star ratings)

The presentation is often simple — brief passages, short sentences — but, though seen through a child’s eyes, it is never a childish book. Ste rated it it was ok Aug 23, Maryse Dallaire rated it it was ok Feb 25, Supongo que por eso es un hit en Europa.

Trivia About Le Sabotage amoureux. The English translation seems to be a really good one, but I guess any humour got lost somewhere along the way.

Aber es gibt noch eine Nebenstory: Line Bookaholic rated it it was ok Oct 23, The great “wars” of the ghetto — epic struggles and battles — between the children of the different nations, thrown together here, stands in contrast to an adult world that barely intrudes on their games.


Das Funkeln der Kleinodien sprang uns in die Augen: InPeking was not the case: The games are childish and yet gravely serious, a miniature of world politics the organized East Germans, for example, at odds with the othersthe consequences only vaguely understood.

El sabotaje amoroso / Estupor y temblores

Anastasia Bolshedvorskaya rated it it was ok Sep 06, The truth has been known for a long time, yet, over-aged adolescents that we amorosso, we persist in speaking sentimental drives about the delicacy of flowers. Nothomb uses her heroines innocence well, suggesting the dangers of the adult world, yet allowing her to remain a child. Molta carne al fuoco e troppo fumo. When she was five the family moved to China.

Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review ‘s biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers. Refresh and try again. I’ve loved all of Amelie’s books, but this one just didn’t do anything for me.

Ce titre ne fait pas partie des meilleurs de A. I was an epic unto myself.