Through criticism and analysis of ancient traditions, Kahn reconstructs the pattern of Anaximander’s thought using historical methods akin to the reconstructive. Anaximander and the Origins of Greek Cosmology. Front Cover. Charles H. Kahn . Columbia University Press, – Cosmology – pages. Anaximander and the Origins of Greek Cosmology has 5 ratings and 0 reviews. Through criticism and analysis of ancient traditions, Kahn reconstructs the p.

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When this ‘ De Hebd. The documentary value of this text is not on a par with that of Simplicius and Hippolytus. Gods Born as Men. Origin of Animal Life It seems most critical authority. It is difficult to see from whom abd author could have taken the doctrine of antipodes if not from Anaximander. Since, however, the latter refers also to Metrodorus of Chios and to Crates, it is not clear whether this distinction between planets and stars is specifically intended for Anaximander. The complete qnaximander of Simplicius and Hippolytus provides us with the original wording of Theophrastus, against which the other doxographers must be judged.

It seems to anaximandef likely that Simplicius had found some basis for this statement in the text of Theophrastus, and that for two reasons: The statement that “the other surface of the earth is set opposite [to the one on which we stand]” suggests that a reference to inhabited antipodes has fallen out of the text see below, p. Unfortunately there is little documentary basis for this attractive result ; the only one of these three numbers known to the doxographers is In all probability, Anaximander was also the first to introduce the term dVetpov into a philosophic discussion, but no ancient author bears witness to this fact.

In so far as the problems and concepts of late fourth- century philosophy differ from those of the preceding period, the systematic treatment of Theophrastus hke that of Aristotle before him tends to distort the original form of the doctrines under consideration. If the universe is symmetrical, there grdek no more reason for the earth to move down than up. Jones’ translation, too, has often been consulted in render- ing these texts.


Anaximander and the Origins of Greek Cosmology

Sign in to use this feature. As for ttoXIttjs, it is a mere stylistic variant for MiXajcjcog, and would be redundant next to the latter expression which is better attested here.

Now if it is Anaximander himself who spoke of iravres ol ovpavoi, the phrase need not mean a plurality of world systems as it probably would if Theophrastus were its author. But it is difficult to believe with Holscher, loc. And the ambiguity which surrounds this expression is, I think, definitively resolved by two other passages in Simplicius, which show that he has himself understood it to refer to the term dpxTj- The first indication of this is in the words which follow immediately: In the imperfect state of our documentation, this judgment is obviously beyond the reach of any sort of rigorous proof.

The various modern attempts to justify Aristotle’s interpretation all make nonsense of Empedocles’ verse. In this view, Anaximander’s worlds succeed one another like those of the Stoic doctrine.

Their rejection pi’obably constitutes the earliest recorded conflict between mathemat- ical science and common sense.

Of these two versions, Augustine’s is clearly the more credible. Guthrie – – Mind It must be admitted that the purely grammatical evidence establishes a prima facie case for the word dVetpov.

It would be hopeless to draw a diagram to accompany such orkgins description. The an striking example of such dependence is to be found in his treatment of the dpxo-h which follows closely — and even verbally — Aristotle’s own discussion in Metaphysics a chs.

Eternal motion was also ascribed by him to Anax- imenes, as cause of qualitative change in the passages compared at Dox. On the other hand, Anaximander’s interest in earthquakes seems to be attested by the story which Cicero tells, that he warned the Spartans of a violent earthquake which in fact took place Vors. But there is a plausible suggestion of Zeller which Cornford has re- vived that the ovpavoi of Anaximander were the various celestial rings which compose his structure for the visible heavens.


Nadia marked it as to-read Jul 12, After 5, the version of Simplicius can no longer be shown to follo’sv Theophrastus’ text word for word. It is free of the statement that Anaximander’s infinite worlds were so many “gods” 9.

Anaximander and the Origins of Greek Cosmology by Charles H. Kahn

This is the sug- scientific accomplishments, see. In fact one may be certain of the original text only in the rare cases where it has been preserved by more than one author, for the necessary and sufficient proof of authenticity is the verbatim agreement treek two independent excerptors.

Since the latter word is the only one known from Herodotus and from the fragments prigins Anaxagoras, it is no doubt the true Ionic form which occurred in Anaximander’s text. The Statement that no other Greek phi- losopher before the atomists believed in a plurality of world systems may come as a surprise to readers of Burnet, who have been told that even Anaxagoras “adopted the ordinary Ionian theory of innumerable worlds” p.

Cleve – – New Scholasticism 36 1: He seems to have been guilty unlikely anaximnder Alexander’s practice was radically of a simple oversight in faiUng to otigins the different in the Physics commentary, or that true version of Theophrastus in the view cited by Simpl’cius would have bothered to repeat such him from Alexander p. The ascription to Diogenes, mentioned by Simplicius in Phys. It gives us i the ratio