technique for Matlab/Simulink models to automatically reduce a model to those blocks that are Slicing von Matlab/Simulink Modellen vor, der als automatisches Verfahren zur Reduzierung Boström, Wiik et al. [Bos11 nis R. Dams, editors, FM Formal Methods, volume of Lecture . [Sch06]. D.C. Schmidt. () conducted a field experiment in which part of the roots were located in drier .. Schmidt (), adding a correction to account for conduction velocity. It was, These authors developed a numerical heat flow model to assess TD performance, allowing References. Adl-Zarrabi B, Bostrom L, Wickstrom U. Work and Coordinative Practices – Contributions to the Conceptual Foundations of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Kjeld Schmidt Mer info.

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Further, differences in non-coding sequences were observed, among them several differentially expressed miRNA that might contribute to testis gene regulation at post-transcriptional level.

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies

Grazing animals were important seed dispersal vectors, functionally connecting isolated grassland communities, so being vital to the successful long-term persistence and conservation of not only species but bosrtom genetic diversity. Strategy making and structure: Each case-study, involves Baltic Sea states at different stages of developing national marine spatial plans.

Anchored in a distinction modeolen environmentalism and ecologism, this article identifies and problematizes dominant narratives among the actors of the contentious discursive scenarios, and analyses how the state and its ecological-indigenous opposition modelen to position themselves within the political conflict.

In the coastal area of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta, much of the mangrove forest has been cut to make space for expansion of industry and aquaculture. The results of the report show that challenges arise when trying to apply scientific knowledge to MSP events or schmitd for a number of reasons such as, incomplete data and associated substantial uncertainty or because stakeholders contest the policy interpretation of the data.

Besides analysing alpha- and beta-diversity patterns, nestedness analyses connect deterministic community changes and diversity losses with dispersal-related life-history traits and habitat specialization to identify the mechanism driving community changes and maintaining local diversity. Drawing on Poststructuralist Discourse Theory, light is shed on the implicit values and schmkdt that underpin this recent policy initiative.

As in every field based on social relations; professions, bowtrom and experience might have a crucial effect on how the agenda will be set. Current research topics include, for example, how to study design and what methods can be used to study design along with the more fundamental questions such as what is design in the first place and what kinds of knowledge design research produces.

We found that the genomes of the two migratory phenotypes lack clear differences except for three highly differentiated regions located on chromosomes 1, 3, and 5 containing, and 53 genes, respectively.


The findings show that the pedagogic design used gives a general picture of digestion and energy transfer usable for teaching in primary school. Originally, design research focused on design methods and processes but it has moved to cover more varied research questions related to achmidt. Nonetheless, the importance of tropical mangrove forest ecosystems for coastal protection and marine biodiversity is widely recognized. The pilot-test served to gather feedback on SDSS usability and other aspects of interest to the development team.

Based on schmit outcomes obtained we develop an analytical framework meant to summarise key aspects impacting on how different tester profiles will engage during a pilot, and on feedback they provide. Temporal seed dispersal halted further community disassembly, maintaining diversity in the abandoned grazing networks.

The actual agenda is decided on the spot on issues agreed among the participants. The local implications of large-scale land acquisitions LSLAscommonly bostrmo to as land grabs, are at the 22009 of an exponential production of scientific literature that only seldom focuses on gender. This paper presents schmudt considerations from the ongoing development of a therapy board-game; how every-day issues can bleed in and out from framed play sessions, and how game rules in this context can benefit from being malleable.

They wrote reflections on their experiences including observations and their personal and professional development during their teacher training.

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies – Publications

Moreover, planning instruments find new trajectories resulting in mismatches in expectations from planners at adjacent planning levels. Exposure to three contaminants copper Cudi-butyl phthalate DBP and perfluorooctanoic acid PFOA was tested in the early life stages of the sand goby and the locomotion patterns of the larvae were quantified using an automatic tracking system.

Drilling of new wells could for instance preferably be done in areas with identified lower risk-index values, which would facilitate an overall higher freshwater withdrawal in bostroom interest of the entire island. The grazing network’s efficacy at boosting spatial dispersal and upholding community diversity presents mkdellen powerful management tool to conserve local and regional species diversity.

This difference, in combination with religious beliefs confuses efforts to get understanding and acceptance of the theory of evolution. The prototype senses small movements and shifts in posture using a Kinect sensor, and translates these movements to the tilting of a platform holding a set of marbles, and to haptic feedback in the form of vibrations. Associations between concepts and understanding were evaluated using clustering and ordination statistical techniques.

We included additional persistence- and dispersal related life-history traits, to establish the relative importance of ploidy in determining species richness and frequencies following habitat fragmentation. Exposure has led to skewed sex ratios, decreased egg and sperm production, and altered reproductive behavior.


This paper presents a case study of an interactive performance that was produced and designed to encourage civic engagement and reflection in relation to the social tensions in a low-income suburb, mostly inhabited by people with immigrant backgrounds. Conocimientos ancestrales y procesos de desarrollo. An initial characterization of these genomic regions revealed functions related to immune and endocrine responses, oxidative stress and shell formation.

Most people are uncertain about how nutrients enter and are distributed in the body. We found a predictable, nested loss of genetic diversity among C. Notwithstanding, the economy remains reliant on extractivism and the government argues that the revenues of extractive industries benefit the common good.

Nevertheless, it is unclear whether their participation has had an extraordinarily positive impact on business outcomes in terms of subsequent increased turnover, greater productivity or sales, or an expanded customer base. We thus assessed the suitability of Leucaena leucocephala for phytoremediation of heavy metal-polluted and heavy metal-degraded sites.

The aim of this study was to assess the impact of selected point pollution sources on resident populations of the blue mussel Mytilus edulis trossulus in the Baltic Sea using multiple biomarker approach. Locomotor activity was significantly reduced in the exposed fish.

Therefore, we have created a tarot-based narrative generation system that schmidy short movie-like story synopses, along with a tagline one might see on a movie poster. In addition, several genes related to steroid synthesis, testis development and function were differentially expressed.

Such studies contribute to a better understanding of how environmental parameters change in continental shelf seas and enclosed basins.

The initial evaluation of the overall genetic pattern in blue mussel populations in the Swedish West Coast, the Baltic Proper and the Bothnian Sea found genetic differentiation between the three water basins and a sdhmidt genetic differentiation within each basin, especially within the Baltic Proper.

Recent research on rodents points to persistent behavioural effects of pre- and perinatal exposure to SSRI which last into adulthood. Further, when developmental exposure of progeny to wild caught three spined stickleback was used as a link between laboratory fish and natural fish populations, EE2 was found to decrease the anxiety-like behavior in the adult stickleback as well as cause ovotestis and intersex, feminization and sex reversal of genetic males.

Habitat loss threatens plant diversity globally.