Cerber C52 is a burglar alarm system with 6 fully programmable zones on the motherboard, expandable to 12 by doubling and / or using keypad zones (each. Cerber c Users Guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Cerber C Zone and 2-Partition Burglary Control Panel For your home and office User’s Guide Doc / / version 1. INTRODUCTION.

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For each these times any value from to may be entered, but the panel will d612 adjust the introduced value by modulo and will record the result in memory as programmed value. The keypad will confirm entering this mode with 3 beeps.

This alarm system should be tested weekly to make sure that all sensors work properly. Battery operated devices will not work without battery, with dead battery or if the battery are not properly put in.

Cerber C – Roel Design

In general, detectors may not always warn about fires caused by carelessness and safety hazards c62 smoking in bed, violent crber, escaping gas, improper storage of flammable materials, overloaded electrical circuits, children playing with matches, or arson. This trouble indicates that the battery is disconnected or its voltage is lower than ReadyForce If after entering the last digit of the user code the keypad buzzer is sounding a long rejection beep means: Press the keys from 1 to 9 to view the order of the first 9 alarms occurred in the system since last arming.

Partitioning can be used in installations where shared security systems are more practical, such as home offices or warehouse buildings.

Programming of the system time and date can be canceled by [ ] key pressing. The keypad buzzer will sound 3 beeps after each 3-digit group and 6 beeps after the last one. The BELL output uses a fuseless circuit and it will automatically shut down if the current exceeds 2. The user code must have the disarming siren stopping right; After entering the first code digit, the continuous beep will stop and upon each key pressing, the keypad buzzer will sound a short confirmation beep.


Cerber c Users Guide – Documents

The control panel will no longer consider the detectors from a bypassed zone. The panel will come back in the stand-by state, waiting for commands. For each key pressing, the keypad buzzer will sound a short beep.

In a partitioned system, entering any of quick arming commands is followed by a time of 5 seconds in which the the user has to choose the disarmed partitions to be armed without codes; to arm the A partition the user must press [1] key and to arm the B partition the user must press [2] key please note that if the user is pressing the key which corresponds to an armed partition, the keypad buzzer will sound a long beep.

This trouble indicator will turn OFF only after programming the system time and date. Allowed default rights for these user codes are: In this case, if the user wants to arm the system after the siren sound was stopped, he must key in again 6c12 user code. For system parameter programming to be accomplished only by authorized people, this code must be changed after the system was installed!

Zone LEDs a While the system is completely armed: Erase the 1-st follow me phone number: Even if no successful command was performed, the user should press [ ] key in order to exit from the display of PGM1 to Derber status.

If the warning devices sound on a different level of the residence from the bedrooms, then they are less likely to waken or alert people inside the bedrooms. The system will not generate the alarm until the entry time elapses, giving the user enough time to enter the premises and disarm the entire system or a part of it to modify the entry delay times, see section [].

Please note the backup battery is continuously charged while AC power is present and if this trouble persists for a long time that means the battery must be replaced.

  CSA S413 PDF

Cerber c612 Users Guide

Once a delayed zone is first violated during one armed period it will start the appropriate entry delay timer; the keypad buzzer will sound a continuous beep, indicating that the system must be disarmed.

Before entering this section the PC modem must be passed in the waiting status for control panel calls. Section [] — Manually Activation of PC callback Moreover, smoke detectors have sensing limitations. If the buzzer warnings were enabled by programming, then during the exit delay the keypad buzzer will sound warning beeps. If in this section, one of the 2 groups of 2 digits are set both with value 0, then the corresponding partition will try to auto arm after every second if no activity will be detected in the area.

The keypad buzzer will sound 6 confirmation beeps and the panel exits the [] programming section, waiting for a new command to enter another section or [ ] key to exit the main programming menu. To bypass a zone press the key which corresponds to the zone number and the appropriate LED will turn ON. If a new command is performed while this PGM type is being active, then the respective time lapse will be triggered again.

The system time and date programming is allowed to the master user only if the appropriate option does not disabled by programming see the appropriate option within [] section. At the end of the exit delay time, after such an arming mode, the zones which are usually of the perimeter delayed type will respond as instant zones they will trigger the alarm as soon as they will be violated.