The complete Dahlquist speaker system consist of the famous DQ main speakers; the DQ-1W subwoofer, the DQ-LP1 electronic crossover. The Dalhquist DQ loudspeaker has not as yet been formally submitted for review. (The designer tells us he is still working on the low end.). The Dahlquist DQ loudspeaker (no longer manufactured and only available used on ebay and other such locations) all but revolutionized the high-fidelity.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. The Dalhquist DQ loudspeaker has not as yet been formally submitted for review. The mounting method used in the Phased Array also makes it possible to incorporate time-delay correction through relative front-to-back positioning of each element. My first pair were refoamed, recapped, reclothed and with the short feet.

In great condition, and the sound is clean and crisp. Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. This is the f I put dxhlquist some 5A, v fuses for now but I think 5A might be a bit too much. Leave this field blank.

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Dahlquist DQ loudspeaker |

This is directly opposed to the standard practice of mounting the drivers on one relatively large baffle. The Best Jazz Albums of Looks well done and these should be good for years and years. They appear to have been reconed. In our opinion, the Quad still does a tiny bit better what the Dahlquist does extremely well, but the Quad is a very difficult load for many amplifiers, and won’t put out anywhere near the sheer volume of of the Dahiquist. My wife, who’s no audiophile but has a very discerning ear, remarked “It’s like the band is playing right in front of you”, and I have to agree.


I bought my first pair a couple years ago xq that is when I started to collect information on these.

We auditioned a pair at the one local dealer we could find who had the DQs on demo, and were immensely impressed. Most complaints of not enough bass is usually because of the wrong amplification. Those dq’s are amazingly clean.

Dahlquist DQ-10 Score – Very Impressed

Dahlquist Foam Kits http: The Dahl is one girl who is far more attractive with her clothes on than off! Your name or email address: The designer is acutely aware of this, dahlquisf has been working to improve the bottom—here we go again!

I ran the DQ at full range and crossed the sub in below 50hz to add just a bit of ooomph down low. I’m negotiating a room with more floorspace with my wife. Do you already have an account? Are those mirror imaged? A nice copy of Kenny Burrell’s Midnight Blue will blow you away. The speakers, sub-woofer system and crossover now sound very much like new with all original drivers.


GoldenEar Technology Triton Reference loudspeaker. Earlier models had white stickers on the hardboard near the tweeter. Kingko Audio and Omega. Recording of November Obviously, Jon Dahlquist is on to something that other speaker designers have been overlooking, for, despite the multiplicity of driver speakers in the system, the DQ sounds like one big speaker. I even have the o About a year and a half ago someone tried to sell me a set and I never even bothered to check them out.

Skip to main content. Yellow, Poly Capacitors are more stable that the older crossovers with electrolytic capacito I picked up my first pair of DQ speakers a couple of weeks ago which are much further down the line than yours which I like.

Alta Audio Hestia Titanium loudspeaker. Looking at your speakers, they have been rewired with the Regnar recap and that seems to use bigger wire.

Diffusore da pavimento a 5 vie con quattro altoparlanti dinamici e un supertweeter piezoelettrico. Now you are making me feel bad. Recording of January