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Encourages attendance by leaders and future leaders.

This demolaay development caused the formal changing of the name in March from the Grand Council to the International Supreme Council of DeMolay. Make a special effort to have the Chapter history dwmolay in local newspapers, and try to list names of Senior DeMolayswho are now prominent citizens in the community. When deciding on events, these committees should be sure to recommend activities that are: The first was President Franklin D. The DeMolay Hall of Fame is our way of recognizing Senior DeMolays who have contributed to society or added to the improvement of our quality of life.

Dad Land, a compassionate, serious, up-and-coming community leader, took the time to listen to Louis, to learn about his dreams. No one plan will fit the needs of every jurisdiction exactly in an organization as widespread as DeMolay. With all the facts in hand, the committee now needs to discuss and determine the Chapter’s term program and budget.

A secondary result nearly as important as the first, is that the leaders of the Chapters will get to know each other better, and positive relationships will develop between Chapters. Ifthe program is in the form of an initiation, a group of Senior DeMolays may be asked to exemplify either or both degrees with the approval of the Advisory Council.


This is permissible under ISC Statutes. DeMolay offers a variety of activities, depending upon the locale and Chapter preferences.

Prepares and submits a budget to the Advisory Council. As his title suggests, the primary function of the Treasurer is to keep an accurate leaedr of all income and expenditures of the Chapter.

These appointed officers are: Course 1 – Everyone receives a certificate. Program planning should generally be done on a full-year basis. Copies are obtainable from the DeMolay and More Store at a nominal cost. A good policy is to have enough committees so that every Chapter member serves on at least one. Collect furniture, food and clothes for a family whose home has burned. In addition, staff members maintain information on DeMolay Chapter activities and keep the names, addresses and membership records on every DeMolay.

You may serve as an appointed or an elected officer. Are strong enough to follow through on a plan.

DeMolay is very selective about those whom we recrui’, we are looking for young men who are just like you, and who are: Any other guests who should be recognized mayor, schoolprincipal.

These DeMolay MonthlWeek packets contain a list of suggested activities and a public relations and membership recruitment flyer from the DeMolay and More Store. Publish the monthly new. Have a committee of DeMolays act as hosts. leacer

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide | DeMolay University

A temporary organization was formed to handle the numerous Original Grand Council. He ensures the rewource of Obligatory Days during his term of office.


Officers either must be installed at the same meeting at which they are elected or within 45 days of their election. Remember that the Master Councilor sets the example for all members. In today’s society,children go to school, resojrce go to work, and activities often are youth-centered or parent-centered, not family-centered like many DeMolayactivities.

DeMolay Leader’s Resource Guide

Career Guidance Programs get positive results when they are well-organized. A member is oot officially registered 00 ISC records until he has been reported 00 a Form He noted that ifthis many young men reskurce one high schoolwere interested in belonging to an organization like DeMolay,then certainly giude with similar interests in high schools throughout the city would like to join.

In proposing an activity to the Program Planning Committee, each activity committee should indicate the month it recommends the event take place as well.

Equal rewource should be given to the suggestions written inthe spaces provided. Dates of inter-chapter events. The Order of DeMolay has taken the virtues and best values from ancient guidee and translated them into modem concepts and uses.

That is why every DeMolay should make it a goal to recruit at least two new members within a year of joining DeMolay. A DeMolay always bears the reputation of a good and law-abiding citizen. Dad Land was employed there as the Social Service Director.