For Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on the PSP, GameFAQs has 26 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs), 29 cheat codes and secrets, 12 reviews, 42 critic. For Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness on the PSP, GameFAQs has 26 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). If you’ve got a PSP and are a fan of strategy RPGs, Disgaea is a worthy addition to your collection.

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Retrieved July 11, A direct sequel, taking place 10 years after the end of darkhess game, named Disgaea D2: Nippon Ichi has also licensed or produced a wide variety of Disgaea merchandise, including a manga.

With few exceptions, maps can be accessed and played again at any time, occasionally with minor changes, such as boss levels, where the boss will be replaced by a high level generic enemy.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness – Wikipedia

The Seraph accepts her version of events and agrees that demons are, in fact, capable of feeling love. What aftetnoon this darknesz on its head is the ability to change the colors of distaea areas affected by the symbols, or even destroy them altogether. Waking up later at night, Flonne discovers that several Prinnies are chanting and leaving the castle. After defeating Hoggmeiser, Laharl is about to kill him, until Hoggmeiser’s son rushes ddisgaea and gets in the way. Being the first game set in the Disgaea universe, its success has launched a franchise that has seen four sequels, several spin-offs, and adaptations into other media.


The higher the chain, the more the bonus gauge fills. Prince of the Netherworld Episode II: Each floor has a gate, a special map square that can be used to go to the next level in the Item World. You can also return to any of your previous battlefields as many times as you like to work on raising your levels and earning new equipment.

April 3, [3]. Archived from the original on October 2, August 27, EU: Disgaea’ s Creators Explain It All.

Depending on the character and attack selected, the player will be able to darkess damage to a specific enemy unit or a designated region of the map.

What follows is a large adventure across a number of episodes which introduces a wide cast of hilarious characters, including an angel dedicated to love that’s sent on an assassination mission, a space traveler, his sidekick and their robot. Can I Really Be the Hero?

April 3, [3] Microsoft Windows WW: You’re Good to Go! Table of Contents Disgaea: The song “The Invasion From Within” disgaae Tsunami Bomb was licensed for the English audio track by Atlus due to its organ opening and fast paceand is only played when English is the selected language.

Afternoon of Darkness for its “brilliant strategy and being huge and funny”. In addition, Afternoon of Darkness includes a complete dual language option and the option to turn off battle animations. Archived from the original on January 1, That may sound rather extreme, but Afternoon of Darkness stays true to its PS2 roots by holding onto the concept of throwing tough battles at you from the get go, which may require power leveling by returning to previously beaten areas, or the employment of a couple of unorthodox tactics to survive fights.


Laharl’s party may also enter the Item World from the castle, going inside an item in their inventory in order to increase its attributes. Disgaea has only one pair of stores where items may be purchased, consisting of an armor shop od a weapon shop within Laharl’s castle.

If you are a SRPG fan then you should not afternooj this. Responding to this challenge, Laharl meets Maderas, a vampire. Wait, that doesn’t sound very heartwarming, does it?

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Review

Inside the Item World, monsters called Specialists raise the statistics of the item they are in when defeated. January 17, PSN. When Laharl and his party arrive at the Gargantua’s bridge, several angels darkjess Celestia appear and attack them.