*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El Forastero en el Camino a Emaús ( Stranger Rd to Emmaus) Juan R. Cruz El libro más atacado e incomprendido. Stream El Forastero camino a Emaus free online. Listen to free internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts. Stream live events, live play-by-play NFL, . El Forastero en el Camino a Emmaus. 5 likes. Book.

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I also used this series with my four children and loved it. This book puts life and the way we live, into perspective in such an uncomplicated and yet deeply profound way, that I believe I was seriously blessed by it.

Introduces readers to foraztero Bible without the trappings of religion. It is basically the children’s version of this book. The course is excellent and we are blessed with these GoodSeed resources. We do one video a day M-F and answer the questions. I used the book with my 14 year old to help him develop camimo views on what he believes. It assumes the reader knows very little, if anything, about the Bible.

Kudos to the author for giving us all a great resource for further delving into such a significant subject!!! Told as a story, weaving Bible verses throughout the narrative.

The message is presented objectively; the decision to believe or not to believe is left to the reader. The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus gives a solid overview of the main message of the Bible.

Thank you for writing it!

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

It makes so much sense. As a non-profit ministry, sales revenue is used to provide resources to people around the world who have no access to them. El Forastero en el Camino a Emaus. They are sad that it is almost over and have asked if there is anymore videos that we can do.

The books, audiobooks and videobook can be passed on like a gospel tract. I am planning to call other friends and young pastors because I believe they too will be blessed. I feel so blessed to have this amazing resource and I highly recommend it. I read this giant print edition while walking on the treadmill and I don’t want to stop even when my session is up!


This video series that I have done with my daughters has been absolutely excellent! You will finish reading and will totally emmauss God’s plan from beginning to end.

Using Stranger on the Road with kids My husband is leading a class in our church using the Stranger on the Road videos.

Written for adults and teens, but understood by children as young as This is a great book with solid teaching. I thank God that I came across this book. I bought this for my parents who attend a Catholic Church and are watching it. I have shared it with Bible study teachers and pastors that were blessed by the clarity of the teaching which always glorifies God. I believe that every Christian who is serious about evangelism should own several copies!!!!

I agree with the other comments. He absolutely loves this large print Stranger book and he was amazed that it has pictures! I have tried in vain to find a course which will adequately and clearly teach the real biblical truths necessary emmaaus a proper understanding of the gospel.

I fogastero a firm believer that a book should be read from front cover to back cover. I also highly recommend The Lamb by the same author. For those who know little about the Bible.

Highly recommend it but read with an open mind. The main story of the Bible is tied together into one universal, all-encompassing drama. Showing the video series is a must with your young and older children. But forastreo people who won’t come to a study, the book can provide a simple yet in depth look into Christianity which is hard to provide during casual evangelism.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus | GoodSeed

I have found that rl understanding, excitement and Biblical knowledge, while doing Stranger on the Road, has grown as we have gone along.


As the truth was explained, one by one each of the 12 men in the room began to weep as the deep personal significance of the death of Christ sunk in. We’ve had 8 people receive Christ at our church recently; 5 of those salvation decisions have come from an understanding of God’s acmino of salvation after reading through “The Stranger” book. Are there any plans? Useful for discipleship and back-to-basics teaching of believers.

We are also going to use this series at church. This book is ideal for people who come from a Christianized background, whether Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox. My husband and I ran this course after our involvement with running another well known Christian course for our previous church. The book was an amazing panoramic emmsus of the gospel message weaved into each story of the Bible and clearly explained by John Wl in simple non-theological terms using many graphic illustrations familiar to most audiences.

Peels religious tradition off the Bible: He had a big stumbling block about Jesus and about suffering his wife endured before she died. From a Filipino forstero in Christ, on board a container ship currently in the China Sea. In an era of media sound bites, fast food meals, and microwave popcorn, this Bible study is refreshing in its depth.

Emmauss a Bible study. I love this book Large Print edition. I appreciate this book and also hope to be able to give many out for friends and family to read. Uses the gospel of John as a template; at the same time, provides necessary background stories to give the gospel context.