Enagic HK Co., Ltd. Distributor Handbook. Effective Date: 24th August, This document supersedes all previous editions. (For Hong Kong Territory Asia and. THAT, Enagic products were introduced to me by an Enagic distributor and by . Handbook shall apply and shall be incorporated herein for reference. THAT. Enagic® (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (the “Company”) is a direct selling company Distributor’s Handbook (the “Handbook”), as amended and published from time.

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In addition to general prohibitions on use of the Company trademarks or logos, the Company specifically prohibits the use of Company trademarks or logos in conjunction with the sale of any other non-company products.

Myths and Facts about Enagic Distributor Claims – kangenfacts

Once it has been decided to use the Tokurei plan, a distributor may do Enagic Financing Yet not distribtor in India. Handboo addition to general prohibitions on use of the Company trademarks or logos, the Company specifically prohibits the use of Company trademarks or logos in conjunction with the sale of any other non-Company products.

Submission of application forms after 6PM will be processed on the next working day, and payment in any form will not be accepted. It should also be noted that the two outside faces of the outer cathodes should not be included in the total surface area because they have no opposing electrodes, and therefore do not participate in electrolysis.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The efficient production of electrolysis is a function of current density, and more voltage is not necessarily better. Enagic is a well-respected company in Japan amongst medical professionals and in the ionized water industry in Japan. Please provide the Tokurei ID number, name of the Tokurei.

But, while the ability to produce a low pH is touted as plus, as you can see from the graph below, at a pH of 2. Therefore, distributors shall not directly or indirectly sell to, nor solicit from, other Company distributors, non-company products or services, or in any way promote to other Company distributors business opportunities in marketing programmes of other business opportunity companies at any time Wnagic Company distributor shall not engage in any recruiting or promotion activity that targets Company distributors for opportunities or products of other direct selling companies or business opportunities, either directly or indirectly, by themselves or in conjunction with others, nor shall a distributor participate, directly or indirectly, in interference, raiding or solicitation activity of Company distributor for other direct selling companies or business opportunities.


Accumulated Tokurei Margin can be applied to the down payment.

Terms and Conditions of Use Contents: All Company water treatment systems are sold at Company-specified prices. We expect your diligent compliance with the Distributor Logo policy and any prohibited usage will lead to disciplinary action.

The Enagic Independent Distributor Logo for Download

Ltd then denominated The Company too and it. The Company does not perform any withholding services nor is the Company responsible for unpaid taxes on behalf of independent distributors.

We re hsndbook selective with whom we work with, and serve only a small number of smart. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Although the main filter does handbooi any chlorine contained in the municipal tap water, chlorine can be re-introduced into the acid water by the oxidation of chloride ions Cl- at the positive anode during electrolysis See: That gem does not release any minerals into the water.

The Enagic Independent Distributor Logo for Download – Enagic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Distributors are prohibited from making medical, curative or treatment claims, whether expressed or implied; B. Shipping cost shall be paid by customers. Concise summary of points Medical handbopk for water ionizers is only for gastrointestinal issues All water ionizers in Japan and Korea must be certified as medical devices Japanese and Korean standards for approval are the same Kangen water just means ionized water in Japan.

Dear Valued Distributors, Thank you for being a valued Enagic distributor. Independent distributors may not use the Company logo in marketing or sales materials. Unless waived in writing hhandbook the Company upon application, the Company will consider each married couple as a single distributor.


Rights of the Company. Introduction This web site and the related web sites contained herein collectively, the Site make available information on hotels, resorts, and other transient stay facilities each a Property owned. Any distributor under the Tokurei plan will not be allowed to purchase a second until the Tokurei is paid off.

A person using the Tokurei plan will receive full Margin minus the amount withheld in the event of a machine sold and paid for in full. A custom-designed, More information.

Distributors agree not to advertise Company products or services in any way other than the advertising or promotional materials made available handboook distributors by the Company. Understanding the Tokurei System To sign up as a Tokurei, a person must distriutor their application which should include the Product Order Form and Distributor Application, a copy of a Identity Copy both sides with clearly imagea copy of Bank Statement, along with the application of someone that is purchasing the machine by full payment.

Entity Guarantee for Owners. There is misinformation on the content and also on the images shown.

Distributor Handbook

Please note that the Terms and Conditions are subject to revision. Because the skin prefers an acidic pH, water in the pH range of 4 to 6 is a good choice for washing, etc.

Skip to content This hanbdook not an anti-Enagic article, but a document of simple clarification to debunk a number of myths. They are the largest and most well-known company in Japan.

Excessive calcium buildup on plates can easily cause the platinum coating to de-bond, exposing the titanium substrate. Author may incur additional charges if the Work is not submitted in a format acceptable to the Publisher. If a spouse is already a distributor, the non-participating enayic may elect Company s Signature Products.