Home of the Open Source Delphi&C++Builder OpenGL tool. About. GLScene is an OpenGL based 3D library. It was initially written for Delphi, now it is running in C++ Builder, Kylix, Delphi and Lazarus. Introduction. This is a very basic introduction on how to combine GLScene ([[1]]) and Newton Game Dynamics (NGD, [[2]]) when writing a.

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It can be implemented as follows:. Texture compression must be supported by hardware. It can also be used to decompose rotations axis by axis and allow “reversable” relative rotations f. Bodies have mass and inertia. There are various 3D resources I found on the web: A dummy cube can be used when you have no “physical” parent for objects that glscne be moved together, it can also come in handy when you have complex sorting or rendering needs depth-sorting for tytorial, mirrors, etc.

Then you can do the same thing for gutorial other folders you want Delphi5, demos etc. All 3D objects, from sphere to camera to light are edited from the TGLScene editor, double-click on a TGLScene component and a hierarchical scene editor will popup, allowing to compose most of your scenes at design-time.

Since the reference count is tutoial to 1 when you create the collision object, and then incremented each time you connect this collision to a body, it is required to decrement the count by releasing the collision object when you don’t need to manipulate it in the code any more. Jan Zizka’s 36 page beginner’s guide copyright refers to Delphi rather than Lazarus and uses some outdated filenames.


We can therefore simply say this:. You can’t, this is a common hardware limitation, and anyway, having more than lights is tutoriak recommended performance-wise. Check the “Info” form to know at design-time which OpenGL driver is used: Since the help file is hyperlinked, it is much quicker to use than inspecting the source directly. If you want to apply a force on a arbitrary point on the body we need to rewrite it as a equivalent force and torque system acting at tutotial CoB.

Views Page Discussion View source History. The SourceForge wiki still includes features and a FAQbut many of the links on the site are broken.

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Programming – a skill for life! You now have to pick the camera in the sceneviewer’s Camera property, the viewer will no render from the camera point of view. If, for whatever reason, you don’t want this then use. To set a function for our newton body use.

Tortoise will ask you for some info and the answers are: First, install the package, new components will be added to your palette. This is also the way to apply gravity when CoB and CoG do not coincide.

GLScene – Frequently Asked Questions

Doing this, the reference count will be equal to the number of bodies using it, and everybody will be happy: Retrieved from ” http: This can be done using the Tutoria, function. It links to the SourceForge wiki page Rotate Objects for the next page of the tutorial. How can I have a cube with N different textures?

Quite a complete site. GLScene uses OpenGL for rendering, if you have an hardware-accelerated graphics card that supports OpenGL, hardware acceleration will be automatically used.


It is regularly updated, but GLScene is currently growing faster than the help file. If none of these suits you, check the sites tktorial the “Links” section, they maintain their own list of interesting links and you may well find the hidden gem here.

GLScene objects can be arranged as sub-objects of other GLScene objects and can be set to have relative position to their parent. RenderToBitmap method and specify printer dpi resolutionthen draw the bitmap on the printer Canvas. This is done as follows.

Sources of Help for GLScene

Texturing works at design time, not at run-time Make sure the image management lgscene are included in the compiled executable. Internet Unix pserver Server: Note that there is a component oxNewton, http: However, much of the content still applies. A word of explanation about collision releasing: You can see the class hierarchy and inspect separately the types, constants, routines and classes for which you can drill down to their fields and methods.

For instance, this will happen if you use Jpeg textures, and did not add “Jpeg” to any of your uses clause: These parameters are controlled by the newton body matrix. Glsene control the body, tutoria need to be able to apply forces on it.

The scribd tutorial entitled Build a basic scene provides clear instructions for Delphi supported by many screenshots.