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March 31 raising Fees— especially for fares. If more people complain to the police, there will be an apparent in- crease in the amount of crime.

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Arthur Latham, chair- -dectatred. As the accompanying graph shows, the truth about the in- crease in the number of young persons convicted of crimes is disturbing enough; there is no need to exaggerate by means of imperfect statistics. Forrester Joined United Newspapers in and became advertising manager, magazines, in iinsight W antage M iddenlaand8. Stronger medicines based on digitalis and bromides, for example, would be restricted to prescription only.


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The trouble is that most criminal statistics can be misleading, because what they imply is not always an objective truth. Melbourne second interim An unchanged second interim P e of around 9. Sir Peter has nisight freed to declare his enthusiasm for the 1 tunnel by the Prime Minister’s decision not to call a General Election. Masrt After three days or violent student protests, Israel! But at the moment the Maldives are getting their fair share of international attention.

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