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JSS (Revision No. 1) MINISTRY OF DEFENCE JOINT SERVICES SPECIFICATION ON ENVIRONMENTAL TEST METHODS. JSS , knowns as the Penta-Five test, is an antifungal product test for electronics. JSS Revision No. 1. LIST OF MEMBERS ASSOCIATED WITH FORMULATION OF THIS STANDARD. 1. This Joint Services Specification has.

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Care should be taken to distribute the ESD pulses uniformally all along the time during which the functional tests are carried out. Stopping distance from a speed of 32 kms per hour a b c Vehicle with GVW t0 kgs The equipment must be functional during the first third and the last third duration of the test. The overriding arm of the 50 hours endurance test is that every resonance frequency which will be encountered in service shall be subjected to a 50 hours appropriate to that frequency range82JSS Two vertical blows from a weight of kg falling vertically from a height of 1.

The relevant equipment specification should choose only those tests out of the table, which are considered applicable for the equipment under test. For sealed equipment this test may be applied only to components and finishes located outside the seal.

JSS_ – Documents

Suspend the test item by spring or cords. Required thickness of ice 3.

Preparation of salt solution. Performance checks required se 3. Details of the operations and performance checks jds the terms at which they should be made see 3.


Final measurements – The equipment shall be visually examinedand shall be subjected to electricalmechanical and other checks as specified. The air in the chamber shall be continuously agitated but not so vigorously as to cause undue cooling of the equipment under test.

The test should be conducted in a shielded room. The acid mist shall freely circulate aground the equipment under test. If required, the relevant equipment specification may extend the test duration to 56 Cycles, corresponding to test condition D, in case of fully exposed equipment.

Use of such shower head will result in water consumption of approximately liters per hour at a static pressure of kpa2. The impact machine shall be fitted with a target plate to which the equipment under test is secured. Simulation based on h and T data. Final measurements – The equipment shall be visually examinedand shall be electricallymechanically checked as specified. The equipment while being under the laboratory atmospheric conditionshall be introduced into the chamberthe later also being under the same conditions.

The alkaline spray shall be produced by an automiser employing compressed air which is free from impurities.

011 – The accuracy of the measuring system shall be such that it can be determined that the true value is within the given tolerance. Total duration 6 hours by frequency sweep. Any hard wood available locally may be used for manufacturing the bench top.

The equipment shall be transferred from dry heat chamber to cold chamber as quickly as possible. Step 4 – Adjust the chamber pressure to one of the test conditions depending on altitude ceiling for air transportation. It dose not apply to support equipment.


JSS 55555 – Antifungal Test – Electronics

From para 2 determine the height of the drops to be performed, the number of drops per test item, and the drop surface. The principal surfaces of the equipment shall not be parallel to any surfaces of the test chamber. Drop on each corner, Total 8 drops.

Initial Measurements – The equipment shall be visually examined and shall be electrically and mechanically checked as specified. Gravitational effect – The relevant equipment specification shall state whether 0 effect of gravitational force is important.

JSS – Antifungal Test – Electronics | Situ Biosciences LLC

During this period the equipment shall be operated and performance check carried out as specified. When ice accretion uss reached the level specified in the relevant equipment specification, spraying shall be stopped and the performance check as specified carried out3.

Details of operation of the equipment see clause 3. For equipments which do not have circular cross sectionsthe radius used in the formulas shall be the radius of the circle which circumstances the cross section of the store.