More than 27% of total phenolics were lost in blanched refiner. the increasing loss of lycopene and total phenolics during steam blanching could occur when. Keywords: Enzymatic browning, dipping, blanching, coating, preservation. Introduction. Fruit and vegetables have health benefits for consumers, due to their. Abstract. The effect of hot-water blanching (HWB) on drying characteristics and product qualities of dried apple slices with the novel integrated.

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Moreover, the water loss during vacuum freezing can reduce the subsequent sublimation load and the FD jjurnal. Then, measurements of pores area obtained from binarized images were carried out by the Image Pro-Plus software Media Cybernetics, Inc. Apparent photographs of freeze-dried samples with 3 freeze-drying methods.

Jurnal Pangan dan Industri. In particular, the leaching of soluble solid during blanching would also reduce rigidity to the cell wall in the tissue and the hardness of dried samples [ 3940 ]. It can be attributed to the fact that short-time action of high-temperature blanching generally produces profound changes to the cell microstructure including protoplasm coagulation, water loss and shrinkage of intercellular spaces, plasmolysis, increase in permeability or even disruption of cell membranes, and decrease in bound or hydrophilic capacity of extracellular and intracellular water [ 29 — 31 ], which definitely contributed to faster water-evaporating speed and higher mass loss in HWB-VF-FD.

Kimia Pangan Dan Gizi. PAU Pangan dan Gizi. This study aimed to provide basic knowledge for improving the effect of this NIFD processing and promoting its practical application in fruits and vegetables. Among the color parameters, expresses the brightness of sample, a higher value of means brighter color; and with decreasing value blancing red to green and yellow to blue, respectively; shows the color change compared to the original fresh samples.

The RR was calculated according to the following formula: The specific objectives were to know the effect of temperature and blanching time on the linoleic acid oxidation. How to cite item.


Vacuum freeze-drying is one of the best methods for food drying. Schematic of the vacuum freeze dryer used. There were 50 slices of apple in each group. When apple samples were frozen during the PF treatment, bblanching small amount of dehydration also occurred due to the superficial ice sublimation caused by the vapor pressure-temperature environmental interaction [ 2728 ].

Processing time and FD time in 3 freeze-drying methods. The study was conducted with a CRD by factorial. During the VF treatment, the temperature of the geometric center of the apple slice was measured with blanchijg thermocouple temperature sensors of the SCIENTZF freeze dryer to determine the temperature variation of apple samples. VF-FD samples had the lowest SR value and the highest hardness value mainly due to its smallest pores size and porosity, most compact and densest structure of the honeycomb network formed during the Blanchijg treatment and the subsequent FD process.

Jurnal Pangan dan Agroindustri. Abstract Orange sweet potato is one of many tubers as raw materials for food processing diversify.

At the end of the freezing treatments blamching the above three processing methods, mass loss of apple slice was calculated by using the following formula: Abstract The research on the effect of blancing on antioxidant properties of white saffron syrup Curcuma mangga Val was conducted. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. The content was determined by using the 2,6-dichloroindophenol titration method [ 23 ].

State Intellectual Property Office of the P. The total color difference was used to characterize the variation of in products color during processing by applying the following equation: The prepared apple slices jurna, in Section 2. The CFD process technology is characterized by many disadvantages including complicated process steps, blanchiing space occupation, huge equipment investment, frequent materials transferring, long drying time, and high production cost [ 14 ].

Pengaruh Blanching terhadap Sifat Antioksidasi Sirup Kunir Putih (Curcuma Mangga Val.)

The pores of the tissue in SEM images were associated with the size and location of ice crystals [ 27 ]. It was found that steam blanching for 5 or blanchnig minutes could reduce the activity of polyphenol oxidase, and consequently, retard the oxidation process and retain the polyphenolic compounds.


Article Tools Print this article. Blznching freezing time of the VF and PF treatment was set as 0. Journal of Food Quality. Apple is one of the most popular fruits worldwide in our life.

Pengaruh Blanching terhadap Sifat Antioksidasi Sirup Kunir Putih (Curcuma Mangga Val.) – Neliti

The similar results had been reported in some available research publications [ 133334 ]. Effect of blanching 80 o C and drying oven method have proved to be better production of orange sweet potato flour. The main objectives of the current study are to evaluate the effect of HWB on the drying characteristics and product qualities of apple slices dried with the NIFD process, including mass loss and frozen temperature of apple samples at the end of freezing treatment, freezing time, freeze-drying time, rehydration ratio RRshrinkage ratio SRVitamin C content, color, texture, and microstructure of FD apple slice.

HWB pretreatment in the novel progress resulted in lots of desired or acceptable changes to the drying characteristics and product qualities such as FD time, rehydration ratio, shrinkage ratio, apparent colors, and shape.

Budidaya dan Analisis Usaha Tani. The measurements were performed 5 times for samples in each method treatment and the jurnak values were reported. In the penetration test, hardness was defined as the maximum force required for puncturing the apple slice.

The reason why the color difference occurred was very complicated and might be attributed to the comprehensive difference in porosity, density, and other physical properties, activity of oxidation or residual-enzyme browning, and so on. Fracture of dried food products is blancuing complex phenomenon that depends largely on the components and the microstructure of food materials [ 36 ].