Top-loading, low profile, next generation MESA® 2 screw featuring Zero-Torque Technology® and a dual lead thread pattern. Welcome to K2M and the MESA” Deformity Spinal System! MESA Screw, Cobalt Chrome and Titanium Rods, as well as Reduction Jacks (Crickets”). Surgical Technique. MESA Rail. Deformity Spinal System. As Described By: John P. Kostuik, MD. Co-Founder, Past Chairman & Chief Medical Officer – K2M, Inc.

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The ,2m is based in Leesburg, Va. The MESA 2 Cricket offers a degree approach to more easily capture, manipulate, and align a deformed spine as compared to traditional MESA deformity correction instrumentation.

MESA® Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment | K2M

Messa new system gives patients iPhone and Apple Watch mobile control over WaveMaster multi-waveform automated programming. Since its inception, K2M has designed, developed, and commercialized complex spine and minimally invasive spine technologies and techniques used by spine surgeons to treat some of the most complicated spinal pathologies. Medtronic Completes Acquisition of Mazor Robotics.


Transaction adds category leader in the surgical smoke evacuation market to its General Surgery portfolio. Launch of Small Stature Scoliosis System. By using our website, you declare yourself in agreement with our use mes cookies.

Top-loading, dual-lead thread, and low-profile MESA 2 screws feature Zero-Torque Technology, when combined with one-handed locking instruments, and compared to original MESA screws, increase operative efficiency and eliminate surgical steps without applying torsional stress to the spine.

Trial nesa to validate long-term maintenance of three-dimensional correction following early return to weight-bearing.

K2M Launches New Surgical Solutions to Enhance MESA 2 Deformity Spinal System

System offers a hybrid implant technology allowing the option of a 4. BACS provides solutions focused on achieving balance of the spine by addressing each anatomical vertebral segment with a degree approach mfsa the axial, coronal, and sagittal planes, emphasizing Total Body Balance as an important component of surgical success.

K2M has leveraged these core competencies into Balance ACS, a platform of products, services, and research to help surgeons achieve three-dimensional spinal balance across the axial, coronal, and sagittal planes, with the goal of supporting the full continuum of care to facilitate meda patient outcomes.


The MESA 2 Cricket provides surgeons the ability to efficiently complete challenging correction maneuvers in all three anatomical planes, with the goal of achieving three-dimensional balance in patients with complex spinal deformities.

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