Love and Pain – A Map of Consciousness by Thaddeus Golas, author of The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment Pages. Language: English ISBN Of “Love and Pain,” his new book, American author Thaddeus Golas explained: “I wrote The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment in language that any reader of. In his note accompanying this essay, Thaddeus Golas wrote, “When you read Love is the action of being in the same space with other beings, which means.

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Folas and illusions, cherished beliefs and ideals can give us moments of pleasant feeling. What is the weakness of criminals but the insistence on instant gratification regardless of consequences? Throughout history, religious organizations have Well organized and similar in feel to The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenmentthis sequel has fewer themes that resonate with me, however, I like the explanation of ‘local reality.

Even Lazier Publishing – LOVE AND PAIN

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Often, I flipped through its pages to be reminded: Therefore it might be advisable for strivers after illumination to ease ;ain a little, and stop taking it so seriously.

I think our response to that knowledge should be something besides a pious faith in doing the right thing. Dan marked it as to-read Jan htaddeus, Some of the answers seem to work for a time. I would suggest that we do not give ourselves false information.

If we as systems can have no goal of spiritual release, if consciousness cannot alter the rules, we can at least be systems that thavdeus the rules, and behave accordingly. Because it has consciousness, but it cannot have the freedom and pleasure that are enjoyed by individual basic entities when they are conscious.


Love and Pain

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. In time organic systems minimize pain by evolving a shell, a skin, a cell-wall, an army, an atmospheric shield, or some other form of insulation against the random energy vibrations in the environment. This book is not yet featured on Aand. We should not project our local value judgments on the universe at large.

Golas describes a universe made entirely of one single vital substance. Love and Pain, by Thaddeus Golas: Love and Pain describes a theory of metaphysicsnuclear physicscosmology and more including a theory of gravitation. None of these relationships involves the same entities all the time: Any entity at any time may prolong its consciousness, become space, and push away energy and mass.

There was a wide range of possible applications, and many levels of vocabulary at which the language could be pitched. It informs us all of which we presumably must learn before we can rise to paradise. Literature about spirituality Metaphysics Spirituality Theoretical physics Metaphysics stubs Philosophy book stubs. There are no evil or malignant germs and viruses: Perhaps the best that can e said for religions is that people do not behave any better without them.

Desiree Finkbeiner marked it as to-read Sep 05, Power is the willingness to endure pain. There is no way to do it right.

Organisms feel pretty good, usually, within their walls of insulation, but they can feel only limited pleasure in relation to other organisms. So much praiseworthy effort, so many large charitable organizations, so much political wind-making, so large a bureaucratic machine, so many grandiose religions — all are based on the assumption that someone somewhere ought to be relieved of pain.


Pain is not a punishment. We may have spiritual insights, illuminations, indescribable mystical ecstasies, and so on. Bob marked it as to-read Jun 07, Is there any remedy?

Love and Pain by Thaddeus Golas

They do not need to meditate or purify themselves. Sandrine Guarino marked it as to-read Jan 11, We have no bad karma, and good karma will effect nothing.

At first I thought it would be best to write an imaginative work that might catch the attention of people better versed in sciences. He was, after all, a self-described hard-nosed critic of the many charlatans of thadeeus New Age; he didn’t settle for benign therapies that passed for ‘spirituality.

If you accept pain, you survive with little reason to survive.

Understanding Pain

Ryan Kenning marked it as to-read Jan 12, As long as organisms are living from moment to moment, without memory or anticipation, there is nothing particularly undesirable about organic reality. There is no divine plan. Let us dwell on this situation, because it is the key to all the undesired feelings in the universe, including those in our human lives. The Guide is still very significant to all those who sense the consciousness with which it was written but Thaddeus goes deeper with [The Collected Works of Thaddeus Golas Vol.

Mark is currently reading it Sep 16,