The Thran (Magic: The Gathering: The Thran) – Kindle edition by J. Robert King. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. They were introduced in the Urza’s Saga set, with such cards as Thran Quarry and were able to cure; their arcane healing magic only worsened the disease. 4/27/, If a player somehow has only one land card in their graveyard when either of Fall of the Thran’s last two chapter abilities resolves, that player returns.

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Rebbec is becoming more and more torn between her love for her husband and her attraction to Yawgmoth.

It’s also a great history of Dominaria, cataloging the first war and cataclysm suffered by the multiverse shaping the conflict in multiple different cycles. The locations of most Thran city-states are unknown.

My favorite book of the entire Weatherlite saga, as well as of all time. I didn’t play much during that generation myself but the story is still quite good.

Fall of the Thran (Dominaria) – Gatherer – Magic: The Gathering

This page was last edited on 10 Julyat It is a very good read. May 01, Rhodsell Aaron marked it as to-read.

The founding of the Thran Empire on Terisiare is lost. TG books are going to be this way for me.

It is unknown how long the remains of the Thran Empire existed as a cohesive unit past that date. Want to Read saving….

The newly arrived slowly begin to evolve as well, growing longer, thinner, stronger and faster. Yawgmoth is delightfully and horrifyingly fun to read about as you are forced to watch Mayic fall into his ever-expanding web of deceit and lies. These halves were once part of the stone that Dyfed broke to create the permanent portal to Phyrexia.


However, the Caves of Koilosknown to the Thran as the Caves of the Damnedare the site above which Halcyon was suspended. This page was last edited on 4 Julyat While I love to learn more about the history of the multiverse and hear the secrets of its past, I think the reality presented here takes away from the glamour that the Thran had before.

These books might be taking me down a dark path. Yawgmoth survives thanks to an armor designed by Glacian, and is brought back to the city by a Phyrexian warrior with vicious claws and a gigantic mouth filled with razor-sharp th. So I can’t believe that I’ve never reviewed this book, mostly because it’s a book I absolutely loved. Yawgmoth remarks that the healer has become beautiful in his eyes thanks to his mutations.

Thran Dynamo (Archenemy) – Gatherer – Magic: The Gathering

Retrieved from ” https: If you do, return Metathran Aerostat to its owner’s hand. Yawgmoth called upon Dyfed to exile the council to Mercadiaon the pretense of protecting them from the upcoming civil war. Still, I was like, god, Glacian won’t shut up, and Rebbec is too naive to be worth a damn, just cut their faces off, already. Yawgmoth manages to quell the revolt by offering free serum to the Untouchables. The Thran created powerful artifacts and crafted ornate designs into their creations.

They built machines and artifacts, the likes of which have never since been seen. Jul 23, Iain rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Thran Empire was an ancient civilization on Dominaria.

Thran Empire

Unhappily named exile Yawgmoth is called back to the city of Halcyon by their lead magic researcher’s wife Rebbec because the lead magic researcher Glacian has fallen ill, and Yoggy is crazy with his curin’ people.


Apr 08, Ross rated it it was amazing. Thran Tome 4 Artifact ,: Staying within the limits of the already well-established sequence of events, King is still able to produce a fun and interesting read that has all the suspense and mystery you could ask for. About half the population leaves, while the rest locks themselves in their houses. Wil Goolsby rated it really liked it Apr 01, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Thran is the prequel to the Invasion Cycleand actually to the entire Weatherlight Saga as well.

The Alliance army was decimated by Yawgmoth’s artifical and hybridized Phyrexian troops, the Null Sphere was used to unleash a killing mana cloud across the area, and the portal to Phyrexia was closed in a final defiant act by Rebbec. He is welcomed by Gix, who is now the commander of the Caves. Yawgmoth starts sending inflicted people down into the Caves of the Damned, and has healthy Untouchables return to the city, and is using this to eliminate his enemies from the city.

However, he rejected her presence as a charade staged by Yawgmoth, who in turn enlisted her help in locating an unpopulated plane for his own designs. In general I would say the books are worth reading. This site is a part of Curse, Inc. Nov 21, Shase Lindell rated it it was amazing. Yawgmoth walks in on the meeting and manages to talk Dyfed into aiding him.