Buy Magnetic Current on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version). Edward Leedskalnin (modern Latvian: Edvards Liedskalniņš) (January 12, – December 7, . in local newspapers. Magnetic Current was first published in and the only source for any of these pamphlets is the Coral Castle gift shop.

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Following is the result of my two years experiment with magnets at Rock Gate, seventeen miles Southwest from Miami, Florida.

It shows that if it is closed, some of the magnets which we in the iron prongs will run around in an orbit, and will not come out, but when the orbit is broken then they will run in the coil, and the result will be more light. In the paragraph below Leedskalnin teaches us how AC is made by man: Now put the magnet so that it can be turned vertically.

Here is how the electrons came into existence.

The North Pole individual. While the North and South Pole magnets were in their own terminals they only possessed pushing power, the pulling power they acquire only if the other kind of magnets are in front of them, like the permanent magnets if you put the opposite magnet in front of it, then they will hold together The same way you have done with the six inches long pieces of copper and soft iron wire.


Dip the wire in iron filings and you will magneic that it is no magnet. Dave Nelson’s Commentary on Leedskalnin. How did the magnets get in there? Change the terminal, change the tapping, move the box and copper wire to the South Pole end, repeat – the same thing.


Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version)

Sometimes there is more of North Pole magnets than there is South Pole magnets. Now roll all six together, let loose, and you will see that they won’t stay together. He tells us that the action of natural AC is already taking place in the power lines before manmade AC is ran through them — that the power lines themselves are acting like generators. You will see that one end of the magnet keeps inside the loop, and the other outside, and the same thing happens when the magnet crosses the connection between the terminals.

All the individual magnets magnetix not run around.

In a permanent magnet bar between the poles there leedskalninn a semi-neutral part where there is not much going in or out, but on the earth there is no place where the magnets are not going in or out, but the magnets are running in and out at pole ends more than at the Equator. Put the copper wire across the box, one end East, the other end West, connect one lead a foot West from East end and the other lead with West end, hang a magnet in spider web, put the magnet in same level with the copper wire.

Farther North it should be longer yet, magnetix at Equator both ends of the magnet should be equal in length. By maggnetic this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Double Helical Magnetic Interaction. It is an effective technique still used today.

Keep the copper wire end a little away from magnet’s North Pole, con- nect East lead with positive terminal, tap the negative terminal several times with the loose clip. Wrap six-inch long soft iron wire with paper. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Take the coil out of the electric magnet, run the currents in the coil, put a hard steel bar one end to the coil’s North Pole, hold awhile, take away, now the bar is a permanent magnet.


Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated PDF version) — Magnetic Universe

Hold the North Pole magnet in level with the hanging magnet, then you will see that the South pole of the hanging magnet is turning to you and the North Pole magnet away. Put a paper box with plenty of Iron filings in it on the horizontally spinning Alnico magnet, lleedskalnin you will see how the spinning magnet builds up ridges and oeedskalnin.

Now take the iron bar off, then you will get more of the light. The coil is necessary to increase the amount and strength of the currents.

Connect the leads with battery’s terminals to make a loop, keep the leads on the same level with battery, drag currnet hanging magnet over the loop and edwaed connections between the battery’s terminals. Connect the battery with the coils so that each current is running in both coils at the same time, and so that one end of the bar is North Pole and the other South Pole. This demonstrates an aspect of the cumulative power of magnetism and helps in understanding the mechanics of polarization.

Spin one way and then the other way, then you will have some rough idea how magnets build up the matter. The last, “Political” section, reveals that the reclusive Leedskalnin had strong political views.

To see how it functions, move a salt crystal a little, if it happens to get on a different magnet pole, then it will jump away. Do this several times, then you will see that the South Pole magnet pushes up more than North Pole magnet.